A Grand Visit

The woodland park: 15 to 30 minutes walking to reach the Gorges entrance

The visit starts with a walk through a wonderful forest of beech trees. All the way down the descent that leads to the entrance of the gorges, several signs give you information about this exceptional environment, notably the rock slide that gave birth to the famous Pont du Diable.

Maybe you will be lucky enough to see the chamois !


Important :

  • There is a 110metre descent and climb during the visit
  • Many steps
  • The site setting can represent some difficulty for pregnant people or suffering people from cardiac or respiratory difficulties

Les Gorges: regular unguided tours all week! - All visits are subject to a fee -

The gorges are the result of gradual erosion that began thousands of years ago under a glacier …

Sheets are available to explain the formation of the gorges and tell you the legend of the Pont du Diable!

The visit continues in the gorges, in complete safety, on permanent walkways fixed above the river.

A first set of steps leads to a field of enormous blocks of rock embedded between the walls and provides an unexpected vista: the river runs 50 metres below at the bottom of a veritable abyss. The walls unfold like gigantic curtains and some strange excavations, the "pot cavities" dug out by the swirling water from the torrent, add to the magical atmosphere of the place. Everywhere the erosion has produced original sculptures in grey marble, a "geological cousin" to the work undertaken a long time ago in the La Vernaz quarry. The flow of rainwater has covered it in richly-coloured deposits: grey, green, ochre, green & blue. It all comes together to create a fairy-tale decor!

After the tour, you walk back uphill through the woodland park.